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Neil's Story

2020 brings a new decade and…a new phase in the business life of Neil Sexton. While remaining with Northern Safety (NSI) in a new reduced role after 13 years as President & COO, Neil is now also pursuing a limited number of new "passion projects".  Exciting times!

NSI has grown many fold in the time Neil has been involved with the company. In 2015 NSI became part of Kunzelsau, Germany based industrial distribution giant The Würth Group, with over 75,000 employees and billions in sales worldwide. In this powerhouse partnership, the company is poised for dramatic growth ahead. Neil will continue to work toward ongoing success for NSI.  Now, Neil is also available to assist select clients with, non-competitive to NSI, businesses improvement opportunities.  Exciting times indeed!

Neil Sexton's successful leadership and management career now spans over 40 years. Neil has deep experience in business-to-business sales, tele-sales, marketing, technology, operations and training. Prior to joining Northern Safety, Mr. Sexton held senior management positions at Sunrise Publications (1981-1986). He also held executive positions with Successories (1986-1996) during which time revenue grew exponentially and he was directly involved in taking the company public.